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We proudly offer dryer vent cleaning services!


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Service Area:

We Proudly service the greater Atlanta Area Including: Douglas, Paulding, Carroll, Haralson & Cobb Counties!

Our process:

  • We start by doing an assessment of your property:  We need to identify where your dryer vent exits your home.
  • Once the outside vent has been located we check to see if it is in operable condition. If the flap does not open and close properly we will recommend replacing the vent cap. Replacing a faulty cap helps to keep rodents and birds from entering your home and building nest in the vent pipe. 
  • We check to make sure the dryer vent hose you are using is up to industry standards. If not we will recommend replacing it. 
  • We clean your dryer vent with a 4 inch brush specially designed to fit inside your dryer vent. The brush rotates in a clock wise motion and is designed to toss debris and lint inside the vent backward. We do this from the inside and outside until the entire vent line is clean and free from debris.
  • And finally, We clean the lint that may have gotten on the outside of your home and any on the inside of your home. 


*additional cost for materials if new hose, vent or cap is needed. Rerouting of vent lines and use of ladder and/ or roof top access required.

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